What do we teach at Startup Kitchen?

What do we teach?

An education that incorporates professionalism and creativity at their peak is what awaits you at Startup Kitchen. Choose either one of the training programs in Technology and UX and get an extensive, multi-faceted training that covers every detail of the project you wish to build.

General Sessions
  • Tart Culture and Team Spirit

    This is where you meet the team who created Startup Kitchen and nurtures Tart Culture for the past 14 years. It is where you learn doing things by the book is not a luxury and maintainable projects can be achieved with an innovative, rapid process.

  • Idea Management and Innovation

    We can only prove that "something exceptional" can happen by realizing bright ideas. Startup Kitchen soares with these bright ideas, breathes life into them and enlightens their way.

  • Creativity and Creative Processes

    Learn how to reflect the bright light that shines in your mind to the computer screen in "the right way". Start realizing your dreams immediately.

  • Lean Startup

    The ideas Startup Kitchen execute always aims for being lean. Saying that failure is the best teacher is an old trick in the book. So, is there a way to fail faster and cheaper?

  • Gamification

    Having introduced the concept of gamification to Turkey, Tart has been using "the gaming culture" in its operations for a long time. This is where you meet the almost infinite application areas of gamification and Turkey's first gamification platform Iste Oyun.

UX Camp
  • Strategy Development

    The colorful adventure of product design begins with an idea. The questions to be asked are simple. Whose lives can this idea enrich, and how? What is its potential and how can it be improved?

  • Process: Lean Startup

    Product development processes are known as a double-edged sword. The right process saves lives. It is possible to do great work without being slaves to the rules.

  • User Experience Design

    Everything we do is for the users. Putting the user to the center of everything and designing the whole experience is a scientific work. "Information Architecture", "User Interface" and "Interaction Design" concepts will be explored. You will never be the same after you wear this hat.

  • Applicable Usability Tests

    Usability tests and improvements can be applied easily. What are the best practices, how can we apply them?

  • Change Management

    Change is inevitable, whoever said that is right. The only way to increase a product's value is by making the right changes. Obtaining and analyzing the user data is the biggest plus for a product manager.

Technology Camp
  • HTML5 & CSS3

    All you need to know for building the wildest apps that pushes the limits of web standards.

  • NodeJS Applications

    JavaScript everywhere? We'll learn how to develop asynchronous applications with JavaScript in the backend.

  • NoSQL Databases

    Learn what you can do with the new kids on the DB block. How do they differ from relational databases? How can they play together?

  • Large Scale Applications with Event Driven Architecture

    Learn how tens of thousands of lines of code in a module can communicate with other modules in a system without introducing complexity.

  • Design Patterns

    Design patterns simplify and standardize an application's architecture. Here you will learn a new language that you can speak on software architecture, and will investigate various design patterns through UML diagrams and examples.

  • Source Code Management Systems and Git

    Learn how Git enables tens of developers to work on the same code base without any headache.

  • Hybrid Mobile Applications

    Here you will learn how to develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and the mobile web with HTML5. Write once, run everywhere. We will also investigate performance problems and how to overcome them.

UX Camp
Technology Camp



Emrah Olgun, 1h

Innovation Foundry

Emrah Olgun, 1s

Lean Startup 101

Emrah Olgun, 2h + 4h

Lean Startup 102

Emrah Olgun, 2h + 2h

Data Aggregation and Analysis 100

Tugce Duran, 4h

User Psychology 101

Tugce Duran, 2 + 2h

Monetization Strategy 101

Yusuf Akohen, 2h

Marketing 101

TBA, 2h

Marketing 102

TBA, 2h + 2h

UX 101

Kursat Sevim, 2h

UX 102

Kursat Sevim, 4h

Product Design 101

Kursat Sevim, 2h + 4h

Design Processes 101

Kursat Sevim, 2 saat

Information Architecture 101

Emrah Olgun, 2h + 4h

Problem Solving Techniques

Emrah Olgun, 4h

Lean Project Management

Emrah Olgun, 2h + 2h

Prototyping 101

Tugce Duran, 2h + 6h

Human Computer Interaction 101

Tugce Duran, 2h + 2h

Usability 101

Tugce Duran, 2h + 2h

Usability Tests 101

Tugce Duran, 2h + 2h

Usability Tests 102

Tugce Duran, 2h + 2h

Gamification 101

Niels van der Linden, 4h + 4h

Data Aggregation and Analysis 101

Tugce Duran, 4h + 4h

Data Aggregation and Analysis 102

Tuğçe Duran, 8h + 8h










Emrah Olgun, 2h


Mert Çetin, 2h


Armağan Amcalar, 4h


Mert Dogar, 2h


Mert Dogar, 1h


Mert Dogar, 1h


Armagan Amcalar, 2h


Mert Cetin, 2h


Armağan Amcalar, 2h


Mert Çetin, 4h


Armağan Amcalar, 2h


Mert Cetin, 4h


Armağan Amcalar, 4h


Mert Çetin, 2h


Mert Dogar, 2h


Mert Çetin, 2h


Mert Dogar, 2h


Armagan Amcalar, 2h


Armagan Amcalar, 2 saat


Mert Cetin, 4h


Armagan Amcalar, 4h


Armagan Amcalar, 2h


Armağan Amcalar, 4h


Mert Çetin, 4 saat


Mert Çetin, 16h


Mert Çetin, 2h


Emrah Olgun, 4h


Armağan Amcalar, 2h


Mert Cetin, 2h


Emrah Olgun, 2h


Mert Cetin, 2h


Mert Dogar, 2h


Armagan Amcalar, 2h


Armağan Amcalar, 2h


Armağan Amcalar, 4h


Armağan Amcalar, 4h