We know you've got questions. Here are the most frequently sought answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you've got questions. Especially when you have such a seemingly unbelievable chance before you. Here are the most frequently sought answers.

What is Startup Kitchen?

Startup Kitchen is a venture builder that doesn't see you for who you are but who you can become after sufficient training and enlightenment. It is a center that evaluates tens of ideas every month, and moves to realize a bunch of them. Startup Kitchen takes you and teaches you what you need to unlock your true potential. Then you become a part of a team that realizes ideas that are born at Startup Kitchen.

How does submission work?

After you submit the application form with your CV we will do a quick evaluation. If we conclude that you have the necessary foundation, we will contact you by phone where we invite you over for verbal and written interview for the technology camp. For the UX camp, this phone call will be a first step interview. If you are successful, we will call you again to invite you for a verbal and written interview. You will be notified of the results of your application in writing in two weeks. f you are successful, you will be invited to the camp.

What happens after the training?

After the camp, the mentors will evaluate your progress and offer you a few alternatives.

The first scenario is where the mentors decide you have achieved great progress and you continue to mature the project you believe in as a key team member. Startup Kitchen will continue to support the project until it is a new, independent startup.

In the second scenario, you will have the luck to continue your life as a full time Startup Kitchen player. You will experience the training you received within real processes all the while providing support to wonderful startups in our ecosystem. Who knows when you will come of age to fly away from the nest.

The worst case scenario is this; with the trainings about product development, user experience and software development where you dive into each path in detail, you will have taken part in the first steps of building a real product. The Tart culture you will breathe will help you become an invaluable team member and you will enjoy a load of job offers from the industry.

How much does the training cost?

It is completely free. You pay nothing. The only thing you need to invest is your time.

I'm not an engineer, can I still join the technology camp?

We believe that there is a huge philosophy behind software engineering, and we employ it for every piece of software that we build. But we also know that engineering principles are not exclusive to schools. If you dedicated your life to this cause and you attained the engineering perspective, you can join the technology camp.

What preparations do I need to do before joining the camp?

Reading stuff about the training you wish to receive will help you adapt faster. You would also need to put all your worries and problems aside to focus better on the curriculum, because the camps will be very intense.

I can't write a single line of code, can I still join?

Since the technology camp contents are world-class, technology camp candidates are required to have a deep engineering perspective and at the very least, some knowledge about programming. Even if you are not a software engineer, if you have improved in software development, you should apply. UX camp doesn't require you to be an engineer or to write code; the only thing you need is to have thought about usability.

Can I really learn everything necessary during the camp?

It is entirely up to you, but know this: your acceptance to Startup Kitchen means we trust you and the light in you. That means as you continue to learn, you will be as close to your dreams as you never were.

What else do you look for in the candidates?

Since the camps are very intense and require a lot of hard work, we require your total attendance. If there is any reason for you to skip classes (work, internship, family matters, etc), we cannot accept you. Since we would like to work together after the camp, you should have no obligations for working full time with Startup Kitchen. So if you are a student and will continue to study, you should consider applying for the future camps, after your graduation.

Venture builder? Incubation center?

An incubation center "incubates" ideas that are at the early stages, nurturing and improving them. As soon as they are mature, it realizes the ideas into real products.

Conventional incubation centers provide entrepreneurs with office space and a limited reach to a network of potential investors. But Startup Kitchen is unlike any other: as well as conventional support like the above, we focus on training the young and bright entrepreneur in every aspect of product development. Education and culture is at the heart of Startup Kitchen so you will never feel alone in your path.

Still have questions?

Can't find the answer you are looking for? Or did you get excited and want to talk more about it? Contact us with the following form. You can be sure that we will reply in good faith.